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  • Superior Quality Fine Art Print Hand Signed by the Artist - F. A. Carrion
  • Name: Oilfield Artwork - Latch System Against Blue Sky by F. A. Carrion
  • Medium: Ink on Ultra High Quality Archival Cotton Paper
  • Subject Matter: Art of the Petroleum Industry
  • Size: 30 W x 22 H x 0.1 D in
  • Ships in a Heavy Duty 6" Diameter Tube
  • Year and Place Produced: Houston - 2023
  • Artwork Sold NEW in Perfect Condition
  • Artwork for Office walls / Private Residences
  • Oil and Gas Artwork / Oilfield Arwork

Latch System Against Blue Sky | Hand-Signed Glicee Print | 22" x 30"

SKU: 100159
  • Oilfield paintings capture the raw beauty and intricacy of the oil and gas industry. From the vast landscapes dotted with rigs to the elegant machinery and infrastructure, these paintings depict a world that is both harsh and stunning.

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