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Exploring the Iconic: Francisco Andrés Carrión's Digital Oil and Gas Art Sketch of Shell Mars B Oil Platform in the Gulf of Mexico

Embark on a captivating journey of artistic exploration as Houston-based artist Francisco Andrés Carrión brings the iconic Shell Mars B platform to life through his mesmerizing digital sketching. In this remarkable video, witness the meticulous strokes and masterful technique as Carrión utilizes cutting-edge digital art tools to transform a blank digital canvas into a stunning monochrome depiction of one of the energy industry's most renowned structures. Join us as we delve into the creative process behind this remarkable piece and immerse ourselves in the world of digital artistry with one of Houston's most talented artists.

Unveiling the Shell Mars B Oil Platform: The Shell Mars B oil platform, situated in the Gulf of Mexico, stands as a testament to human innovation and engineering prowess. Rising from the depths of the ocean, this offshore structure plays a vital role in the petroleum landscape, contributing to the extraction and production of oil and gas. Its grandeur and significance cannot be understated, and it is this very essence that Francisco Andrés Carrión seeks to capture in his artwork.

The Fusion of Artistry and Innovation: Carrión's skillful hands and mastery of new digital art tools allow him to breathe life into the Shell Mars B platform through his digital sketching. With each stroke, he meticulously recreates the intricate details of the structure, showcasing its architectural brilliance and the sheer magnitude of its presence. The utilization of cutting-edge digital art tools adds a new dimension to Carrión's artwork, enabling him to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

The Creative Process Unveiled: In the mesmerizing video accompanying Carrión's artwork, viewers are granted a glimpse into the artist's creative process. From the initial digital canvas to the final strokes, every step is a testament to Carrión's dedication and passion for his craft. Witness the transformation as the artist meticulously builds layer upon layer, utilizing cutting-edge digital art tools to capture the essence of the Shell Mars B platform with precision and finesse. The video serves as a testament to Carrión's artistic prowess and his ability to merge traditional artistic techniques with the latest digital innovations.

Francisco Andrés Carrión's cutting-edge digital art sketch of the Shell Mars B oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico is a remarkable testament to the fusion of artistry and technological innovation. Through his meticulous strokes and mastery of new digital art tools, Carrión captures the grandeur and significance of this renowned structure within the petroleum landscape. Join us on this captivating journey of artistic exploration and immerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge digital artistry with one of Houston's most talented artists.


Mars B adds new infrastructure to help boost production at the Mars field in the Gulf of Mexico. Production from the new platform started in February 2014.

Key facts

Location: Gulf of Mexico, USA

Depth: 914 metres (3,000 feet)

Interests: Shell (71.5%, operator) and BP (28.5%)

Field: Mars

Design capacity: 100,000 barrels per day (bbl/d)

Shell’s Mars B development is the first deep-water project in the US Gulf of Mexico to expand an existing offshore oil and gas field by adding new infrastructure.

Using advanced seismic imaging, Shell geologists identified significant, untapped reservoirs in the region. The discovery led to the installation of the Olympus production hub which achieved first oil in February 2014. Olympus, Shell’s seventh floating deep-water platform in the Gulf of Mexico,  is located in about 914 metres (3,000 feet) of water. It is specially designed to safely withstand hurricane force conditions.

In addition to the Olympus drilling and production platform, the Shell Mars B development also includes subsea wells at the West Boreas and South Deimos fields in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as export pipelines and a shallow-water platform located near the Louisiana coast.

Society and environment

For decades, the US Gulf of Mexico has been a heartland of energy production. Thousands of Shell employees and contractors work each day to safely find, develop and produce the Gulf of Mexico’s vast oil and gas resources to help power our lives. Safety is crucial to this work. Across all of Shell’s operations, we strive to achieve what we call Goal Zero – no harm to people or the environment.

Shell has been a part of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast for more than 100 years. We are committed to helping shape a positive future for the region through our business activities, social investment programs and employee volunteer work. We partner with many non-profit organisations to support conservation, education in science, engineering, technology and maths (STEM) and economic development projects across the Gulf Coast. Our employees also spend thousands of hours volunteering each year to help rebuild damaged homes, protect and restore Louisiana’s coast, and inspire the state’s next generation of scientists, engineers and leaders.

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