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Houston Artist - Francisco Andrés Carrión

     “I use a traditional approach to produce realistic paintings of industrial landscapes, inspired by classic American illustrators as well as by contemporary realist masters. My aim is to convey my admiration and respect to human engineering, structures and machines that we, fueled by our intellect and curiosity, have built. Witnessing the function and operation of these machines and structures is a very humbling experience, land rigs in Texas, platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, refineries in South America, tankers in the North Sea, etc., all painted with incredible cadmium colors, and contrasting with beautiful landscape backdrops. My paintings attempt to depict all these aspects, but most importantly, the inspiration I feel for the people, the workers, whom make all this possible, whom make the gears run. Being part of the oil and gas industry during my entire career, and having made my life in Houston, injects a sense of pride and belonging that urges to be conveyed. I have always done so, but now with my paintings, feel I have found the perfect channel. In short, my paintings are a reflection of the industry that I feel so proud to be part of.”   -   F. A. Carrión. 

     Francisco Andrés Carrión is an American award-winning artist based in Houston, Texas. His exposure to art started at a very young age by his father, a curator and artist himself, and exhibited innate artistic abilities as a child. During his formative years, he had the opportunity to live in Europe, North and South America, which provided him with a multicultural perspective of the world. After graduating from high school, he completed studies in Visual Arts, moving on to pursue degrees in Chemistry and Engineering. Aside from his passion for art, which he continues to develop, Francisco Andrés leads a successful career as an Engineer for world renown Fortune 500 companies. His line of work has given him the opportunity to visit, gain access and work in industrial facilities located around the world, which are often depicted in his paintings. 

     Please click here to see painting samples from the Artist.

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