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Francisco Andrés Carrión is a Houston-based award-winning oil and gas artist, renowned for his captivating depiction of the industry's landscapes and machinery.

     “I use a traditional approach to produce realistic paintings of industrial landscapes, inspired by classic American illustrators as well as by contemporary realist masters. My aim is to convey my admiration and respect to human engineering, structures and machines that we, fueled by our intellect and curiosity, have built. Witnessing the function and operation of these machines and structures is a very humbling experience, land rigs in Texas, platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, refineries in South America, tankers in the North Sea, etc., all painted with incredible cadmium colors, and contrasting with beautiful landscape backdrops. My paintings attempt to depict all these aspects, but most importantly, the inspiration I feel for the people, the workers, whom make all this possible, whom make the gears run.”   -   Francisco Andrés Carrión. 

     Carrion's passion for art and fascination with engineering developed at an early age, and exhibited innate artistic abilities as a child. During his formative years, he had the opportunity to live in Europe, North and South America, which provided him with a multicultural perspective of the world. After graduating from high school, he completed studies in Visual Arts, moving on to pursue degrees in Chemistry and Engineering. However, it was his deep-rooted connection to the oil and gas sector that inspired him to dedicate his artistic career to capturing its essence and allure. Combining his technical expertise with a profound understanding of the industry, Carrion creates stunning, realistic depictions of oil rigs, pipelines, and refineries.

     His artwork has gained international recognition and has been exhibited in prominent galleries and museums worldwide. Carrion's distinctive style, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and an unparalleled command of light and shadows, has captivated both industry professionals and art enthusiasts alike. His ability to transform industrial landscapes into poetic and evocative compositions has garnered him numerous awards and accolades.

     Carrion's works not only celebrate the technological advancements and grandeur of the oil and gas sector, but also evoke a sense of introspection, inviting viewers to contemplate the role of these industries in our modern world. Through his art, he seeks to bridge the gap between the technical aspects of the oil and gas industry and the poetic beauty that often goes unnoticed.

     Beyond his artistic pursuits, Carrion is also an avid environmentalist, using his platform to raise awareness about the need for sustainable practices within the oil and gas sector. He passionately believes in the coexistence of industry and environmental preservation, and often incorporates subtle messages of environmental stewardship within his paintings.

     As an award-winning artist, Francisco Andrés Carrión continues to inspire and captivate audiences with his captivating oil and gas artwork. His commitment to his craft, technical prowess, and dedication to environmental consciousness have established him as an influential figure in both the art and energy communities. With each brushstroke, he explores the nexus between industry and art, inviting viewers to ponder humanity's relationship with the oil and gas sector in a thought-provoking and visually striking manner. 

     Please click here to visit Francisco's  Portfolio.

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