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  • Limited Edition Oilfield Print Signed by the Artist - F. A. Carrion
  • Name: Travelling Block Gulf of Mexico Rig
  • Medium: Glicee Print on Ultra High Quality Archival Cotton Paper
  • Subject Matter: Art of the Petroleum Industry
  • Size: 30 W x 22 H x 0.1 D in
  • Ships in a Heavy Duty 6" Diameter Tube
  • Year and Place Produced: Houston - 2022
  • Artwork Sold NEW in Perfect Condition
  • Artwork for Office walls / Private Residences
  • Oil and Gas Artwork / Oilfield Arwork

Oilrig Travelling Block GoM | Hand-Signed Glicee Print | 22" x 30"

SKU: 110052
  • Capturing the beauty of the industry: Industrial art can showcase the stunning landscapes, machinery, and structures associated with the oil and gas industry. This helps people appreciate the visual aesthetics and intricate details that are often overlooked, fostering a sense of admiration and curiosity.

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