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  • Superior Quality Fine Art Print Hand Signed by the Artist - F. A. Carrion
  • Name: Downtime
  • Medium: Watercolor on Cotton Paper
  • Subject Matter: Art of the Petroleum Industry
  • Size: 22 W x 30 H x 0.1 D in
  • Ships in a Heavy Duty 6" Diameter Tube
  • Year and Place Produced: Houston - 2023
  • Artwork for Office walls / Private Residences
  • Oil and Gas Artwork / Oilfield Arwork

Oil Workers Downtime | Hand-Signed Glicee Print | 22" x 30"

SKU: 100055
  • Oilfield paintings also often incorporate the human element. Despite the dominance of machinery and infrastructure in these paintings, artists often include workers, emphasizing the human efforts and expertise involved in the industry. These workers are portrayed as integral parts of the scenes, highlighting their role in the complex processes depicted.

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